Breaking Chains Mending Minds

Learning To Live Beyond Prison And Substance Abuse


Video Clips from the Workshop Group Discussions

Fact: 98% of returning citizens have not heard nor do they know they suffer from Post InCarceration Syndrome [PICS].

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Fact: Did you know that PICS is the leading cause of recidivism!

Attendees comments:

Attending the workshop allowed me to put a name to the feelings I’ve been having“. David Shahan

More people need to learn about this stuff.

I learned a lot about self-restrain.” Andrew Buchanan

This help me get my life in order.” Gus Malone

I learn some new things to help me cope.” Leon Shawn

It opened my eyes to things about prison and how it has affected me. Today I’ve learned new methods in order to help me cope with life after prison.” Brian Baker

Fact: Most returning citizens suffer from anti social behavior issues.

This is something they should teach you in prison before coming home.” Clinton

This workshop and sharing helped me see I’m not alone.” George Rennic

This workshop was helpful in helping me identify some of the issues I’ve been dealing with since I’ve been home.” Travell Henry

This helped me keep an open mind.” Michael Clark

Fact: All returning citizen suffers from some degree of PICS.

Now I understand WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.” Charles Starks

Attending made me think of different ways of handle things.” Roy Hunter

Fact: Institutionalization of any kind can produce PICS symptoms.

‘”I haven’t been in prison but many substance abuse treatment centers. This will help me deal with some issues I’m dealing with.” Arthur Moore

No prison, but the information provided was very useful.” This should be a regular program for returning citizens and their families.” Nanette Poole, Catholic Social Services

Attending gave me an opportunity to see a broader view of what PICS is and details. Help to getting back to living a normal life.” Harold Solomon

Learned a lot, would like more time to go into deeper details of PICS.” Frank Greene

Fact: Most families are unable to help their love ones who have been to prison because they too are unaware of PICS

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