After 6 weeks of intense teaching, discussions and activities participates at Mack Alive celebrated the completion of

the workshop. Read the participates thoughts below.

New Workshops starting up next month. Please check back 12/1/2022 for dates and locations.

In Their Words

“This workshop has been very insightful and healing. To know why I am how I am is a relief instead of being discouraged or bitter. It has empowered me. This is something money cant buy.” Amber Knight

“This workshop help me to look at me in a better way.” Marcus Curry

“I learned so much, we need more time.” Perscell Davis

“If you come all the time you going to get it!” Ronald Smith

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“This workshop was useful in my everyday life!” Murtadha Alizuifj

“This workshop has helped me to cope.” Alfreda Stallion

This workshop helped me to understand myself and loved ones. What myself and loved ones go through.” Omar Ingram

“I have had the pleasure of learning about myself.” Derrick Watkins

“More people need to know about and come to these workshops. This has been a lifeline and I look forward to attending every session.” Renard Bryant.

“This workshop should be mandatory.” Amber Knight