They say, “Take it One Day At A Time!”

For me, it’s more urgent than a day.

You see this disease is my kryptonite.

My every thought of it is dangerous

and deadly to me and those around me.

Any given second – NO, a Split-Second of

entertaining a wrong thought can and

will destroy me, and everything in my life.

YES – a Split-Second of acting on a THOUGHT

of getting high;

of having a drink;

of a quick dip into that forbidden sex;

of secretly overindulging;

of privately and discretely clicking on that website.

You KNOW that “One Thing”

that addiction, that Kryptonite.

That life-threatening bomb.

Every day I walk around with it.

It’s that tik-tok going on in my mind.

That explosion that goes off with the right match

in that split-second that I try to

tip-toe around it.

That I try to hide it from the world.

That I try to press it down,

That I lie and manipulate for it,

That I run to it and run from it.

My kryptonite –

I learn to hold it close-

It is always in sight.

My kryptonite – I know I must

protect my life from it,

because my life depends on-


By PendaTe – *All Rights Reserved.