Today I wanted to write about blessings. For some reason, I had in my mind that I knew exactly what it meant, but something prompted me to seek the proper definition. A Blessing is “God’s favor and protection”.

To be perfectly honest with you, I had already written the article before I sought the definition, which now has me rethinking what I wrote. I am, however, not going to change it, but will allow you to see God’s favor and protection in it.

Several years ago, we were blessed by an individual donating a property to our non-profit. We had just started our organization. Due to the size of the house and amount of renovations it is still a project in progress. We were however, blessed by two other individuals with two more houses in which we have completely renovated and made available to returning citizens and people in recovery.

Just the other day, Akili was involved in a crash with our truck. The truck was totaled, but he walked away a little shaken with only a few bruises. This was God’s protection.

Over the past year we were blessed by two beautiful hard working women. Ms. Domianna Carter the director from Green Door Initiative with employment and teaching opportunities for Akili. The other angel, Ms. Malia Salaam, manager at the SER-METRO. Through Ms. Salaam the realization of our PICS workshops was made possible to the public. These were totally unexpected blessings for which we could never say thank you enough. At least not in words, but in replicating their actions.

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Over the past month God has used the resources he blessed us with to bless others. Through us a young woman with a criminal background was able to obtain employment in a large company making more than a living wage with fully paid benefits. We were able to move a homeless young man, down on his luck, into one of our houses without having funds to move-in. The house is not just a comfortable room, but a safe, beautiful and serene place for him to call home. As it turns out this young man is a God sent blessing to us. He is helping to develop some projects we desperately needed to get underway.

We have had many other individuals whom God has worked blessings through for us and he has blessed others through us. I wrote this to show the POWER of reaching back to help others and the ripple effect it creates when you allow God to bless others through you. This mentality and spirit is especially needed in the black community. We all need each other no matter what ethnic group we belong to, but due to the historical hardships Blacks have and continue to encounter we must make it a priority to reach back to make our children and their children world a better place. by LaToya