Guest Author – Curtis Beard

Through personal experience and observation over the years, I have come to understand some dynamics of how challenging and difficult it can be to get back maculated into society after a long absence from it. It can be for some people like coming back from another time zone.  Take those returning from incarceration would probably be the most affected.

Not only have they been disconnected from society for a lengthy period of time, but they have also been introduced to a whole new structure that will most likely leave a lasting impression for some time, if not for the rest of their life.   This syndrome may affect each individual differently based on several factors, which may include environmental, upbringing, adaptability, etc.…    But what I find intriguing is that long-term incarceration is highly affected across the board as the mind has been conditioned to function out of its normality. It’s like putting a mind in the closet, and then going back and getting that same mind (10) years later to do the same activity and function on the same level. This would be simple if time and conditions had not changed.

Let’s not forget during incarceration the mind has been programmed to operate accordingly and rebuilt to survive its new inheritance. It’s like learning how to live all over again; (In & out of incarceration).   I remember being physically free, but mentally stuck as the picture in my mind was neither registering nor prepared to return to Resocialization.

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