For many living totally independent, after going through treatment or being a returning citizens, may not be the best move or an option. Sometimes going straight back into a previous living situation can prove to be a bad decision that leads back to active addiction or incarceration.

In order to fill this void, BCMM has opened its first transitional house for men who need a little more time and support to help them make the transition to living a balance life. Take a look at the first house.

Lodgers*** will enjoy the comforts of home-style living but with healthy living skills such as:

Healthy Eating


House meeting

Yoga sessions

Group Study

Weekly NA/AA meeting

Community Services

Random drug testing

And more

The monthly fee includes weekdays* continental morning breakfast and dinner.

Single person rooms**

Mass transportation is available from three route in less than three blocks – going to North, South East and West sides of the city.

Within two blocks are stores, dining, community services and available jobs.

For more information contact us at:

*Monday-Friday **Based on availability and need. ***Must be employed.