Can’t remember where it started.

Why this happened to me?

Questioning my actions.

Bad chooses and foolish decisions.

Worked 40 – lost it in 1.

More tracks than railroad crossings

Inner nose baldness

Glass tube penis

Burned fingertips

Driven by animal instincts

Crawling in the darkness on all four

Body odor, self-care non-existence.

Bed a bus stop bench

Lost in this addiction.

No day, no night – life on the hunt.

Told more lies than the stars in the sky-

lost the truest love of my life.

Sold my body. . . ruptured anus that didn’t stop me.

Lost in this addiction.

Why didn’t someone tell me, “Never try it, not even once.

It’s a bottomless trap.”

Been stabbed, set-on fire, and shot,

Laid in a hospital bed third time still

trying to figure out how to get high.

Each day I a living nightmare

getting high to forget the pain of this addiction.

An endless cycle I can’t shake. . .

Went to rehab for some hope,

only to find despair all around me.

Hearing the old cats had been through tenth-teen times

only led me to get high again.

What kind of shit is this?

The high is not high anymore,

only misery of dependence which I have no control.

In this addiction.

I need help!

Watched an OG fall to his knees

clenching his chest as a heart attack took his life

I reached for his pipe

cause all I could think about was getting high.

What kind of shit is this?

Some way, some how I got to FIND ME!

I don’t what to die like this

In this addiction.

@Copyright-all rights reserved-by Devine