I’ve been listening to inspirational videos a lot of late.

I’ve watched teens graduate readying themselves for the World.

I’ve seen people start their own businesses.

I’ve heard about people gaining their freedom after decades in prison.

I’ve seen people set their minds free of addictions after many years of struggles.

I’ve heard about people becoming instant millionaires.

I’ve read of a woman becoming a doctor at 83.

I’ve heard of an old man finally finishing college at 65.

I’ve even watched on BNC of a woman giving birth to a child at 72.

All these things were very inspirational.

When I wake each day I’m inspired that I have another day to become whatever I dream to be.

When I close my eyes and allow my higher power to show me visions I am inspired that I have a purpose in this world.

Each day is a blessing no matter how I may have come short of my yesterday.

This day is precious because I’m ALIVE and I can step into whatever I chose to make my REALITY.

Today I can prepare myself for a better job,

Today I can choose to be a better person.

Today I can choose to be happy.

Today I can choose to live in my purpose.

Today I CAN because I AM!

by DeVine