by “De Vine”© 

You, me, we made a bad decision and for some of us; you simply was caught up in someone else’s game. Here we are caged animals. Don’t think because there are no bars, nor tall fences that you are not caged. It is only your perimeters that are invisible.

We must now ask ourselves after the humiliation, shame and guilt, “What now?”

I say to you “Don’t let this be for nothing!” What happens in your life from this point forward will be determined by you. They may temporarily have your body, but you control your mind and your Destiny.

I say to you “Don’t let this be for nothing!” You can come in these places with a broken spirit, angry, discouraged, and allow all the negativity to take over or you can choose to flip the script and take this disadvantage and use it for your advantage. You can take this time to concentrate totally on acquiring knowledge, and discovering and developing a skill, talent, or gift. You can use the knowledge you already have to make plans for a new beginning. You can take this time to learn to give a fuller and richer love to your child/children and become a better role model to and for them.

I say to you “Don’t let this be for nothing!” If you feel hopeless and think there’s no use trying, I’m here to tell you, “That is simply not true. Anything you put your mind and action into can become your reality. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.”

Again, I say to you “Don’t let this be for nothing!” If you feel shame and you’re still filled with guilt, what has happened is over and done. Put that behind you and understand what others think of you is not as important as what you think of yourself, and what your actions show of you. So with new integrity move forward with your head held high, and, “Don’t let this be for nothing!”

Artwork by Alden Mills