“Are you doing things or have habits that started in prison? Many people aren’t aware that certain conditions they were subjected to created within them a prison mentality. We are going to blog about behaviors we know of and we welcome you to share with us through comments some of your, which we will post here. Please, keep the language clean.” by Akili

What: Once I was released from prison I noticed when I went to the store or any place where a line or crowd of people were I would always stand sideways. In my mind I was sizing people up in the event I had to fight or I would be looking for exits in case I needed to rush out.

Why: In prison you are always on the look out for something to jump off. You never know when you maybe attacked by an inmate or if a guard might decide to take his/her frustrations out on you

What: Shortly after being released from prison I was enrolled into a trade training program. This one day I had to ride the bus to where my ride would take me home. After class I walked to the bus stop at the corner of the end of the block. When I arrived I notice the sign next to the bus stop that read, “No Standing.” I was perplexed but started walking to the next but stop, which again had the sign that read, “No Standing.” I continued to walk to the next bus stop. This stop had a bench, but there was that sign, “No Standing.” I made up my mind I was not walking any further. Shortly, thereafter the bus arrived. My probation officer had given me a bus pass. Which was alien to me because it was like a credit card. I had no idea how to use it. Once the bus driver informed me to swipe it I headed for the back of the bus. All the time feeling a great deal of anxiety building up.

Why: Because in prison there are signs everywhere stating “No Standing, Out of Bounds.”