Written by Akili & LC DeVine

Solitary Confinement (SHU- Cell) Pelican Bay Prison

“Worse than Slavery”

Beginning that first day


dim lights snatch you

into this breached birth,

mirrored existence to the

first birth’s smack

upon newborn flesh.

We, the ‘Validated’ exist

in reverse within the Beast’s

concrete tomb.

Where time, once vibrant


screams upon its scolding,

windowless burial.

No ticking clock, No day or night


death madness chains,

guards heavy metal guns

always above, always a point blank

skull shot though a cage slot…

Flesh, spirit, name reduce to

associate/member of a prison gang!

Paper voices experiment

with torture as punishment,

as policy, until

unwritten Rules of Law

animal cries, wet with tears,

starvation’s libations.

Staring death in its eyes

from within the hollow

skeleton of

indeterminate sensory

deprived isolation.

hangman’s noose in

how they ‘Classify’


disappear us…



within this

ice-water chamber.

Yet, never did we

 [nor SHALL WE]

give into

Abandonment of

hope, grace, love,

humanity of the people.

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